Darjeeling has the best track for Trekking, Here’s why

Darjeeling is hugely popular among tourists for a number of reasons like its natural setting, eye-catching valleys, green mountains and amazing trekking routes. All these elements attract visitors towards the place so that they can have fun and adventure at the same time. The Darjeeling trekking is considered to be a key tourist attraction that allows the trekkers to trek through the dense jungles and bright meadows.


This feature allows the trekking individuals to enjoy the natural scenery that is full of trees such as oaks, chestnuts, ferns, etc. In the Darjeeling area, there are a number of popular trekking routes such as Singalila range, etc. there are over 400 species of birds. The trekkers also get to see various rare animals such as the barking deer, the Red Pandas, and various high altitude animals.

Unique Trekking Experience

Trekking has been a highly popular activity in hilly regions such as Darjeeling, and Sikkim because the adventure lovers get the chance to explore their adventure self in the natural setting. The popularity of trekking in Sikkim has soared in the recent times due to the presence of a large number of trekking routes as well as itineraries.


Some of the most popular locations for trekking in Sikkim that are mostly visited by tourists include Dzongri Trek, Tholung Trek, Tosar Lake Trek, etc. These unique locations allow the tourists to trek in the fascinating landscapes and mesmerizing terrain. The people who enjoy to trek can use the heavy treks or the light treks as per their trekking preference.

Adventure and Fun

The facilities that conduct trekking in Sikkim and trekking in Darjeeling allow the trekkers to experience the serene and luring nature that has breathtaking beauty. The calm and fresh setting allows the tourists and visitors to experience a new heaven that exists on earth. The various trekking locations allow them to explore the snowy mountainous regions in their own way.


These locations are known for their beauty, and the different kinds of trekking options that are available to the enthusiastic trekkers allow them to enjoy the freshness of the breeze along with the sound of the forests. These experiences can only be enjoyed and cherished by the trekkers when they are trekking in such kind of locations. The plethora of scenic locations and natural mountains makes the experience of the trekkers spellbinding and fascinating in nature.