Reasons Why Kashmir Tourism Is the Best in India


Does not matter what the season is; the reason or occasion also does not matter a lot when it comes to visiting the paradise called Jammu and Kashmir. Whether you want to escape the scorching heat of the summer or treat yourself in the best possible ways by embracing the chilling winters, Kashmir, with all its charm and grace will keep you enchanted for sure!

Located at a height of 5,753 metres above the sea level, this jewel in India’s crown is in fact one of the most sought after destinations in the entire world.  Cossetted by the mighty Himalayas and separated from the rest of the country by the PirPanjal Range, it shares national borders with Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. Thus, it also makes an important tourist destination from any part of the country.

Kashmir Tourism

When it comes to Jammu and Kashmir tourism, one can find ample of options that will add pleasant and memorable moment in their tour itinerary. Starting from the scenic beauty to natural marvels, enthralling options to cultural sights, Jammu and Kashmir tour packages offers plenitude of options to know more about the enchanting beauty and the roots of the region.

Mainly divided into valleys like Tawi, Kashmir, Chenab, Lidder, Poonch, Sind and others, the entire of the state showcases the best and untouched form of Mother Nature. Adding more to the opulent and evergreen beauty of these valleys, there are also the fascinating Zanskar Valley, Leh, Ladakh and several other places that plays important attraction points for Jammu and Kashmir tourism.

Kashmir Tours

When it comes to visiting this heaven on earth or even planning a trip, one need not to worry much and avail any of the Jammu and Kashmir tour packages. Most of these packages include visiting and sightseeing across all the major tourist spots, participate in the most popular activities around the region and other tourism options.

Also, the opulent and gorgeousness of Jammu and Kashmir makes it a favourite destination for all the types of travellers; be it the family members, corporate groups or friends travelling together. While for the nature lovers, it is not less than a treasure trove, the leisure seekers can find ample of opportunities to laze around its bucolic beauty. Jammu and Kashmir tourism also offers several enthralling options to the thrill and fun seekers; games and activities like heli-skiing, river rafting, trekking, mountaineering, biking expeditions and other similar are popular amidst the craggy terrains, towering mountains and the tricky passes of Jammu and Kashmir.