5 Must-Visit Places in Leh Ladakh

Well, there are some scenic destinations to witness in Ladakh. Indeed, you can term it as a land of paradise. Every traveler who has visited Leh & Ladakh, have just fallen in love with those high snowy mountains and exotic climate. If you are planning to visit Ladakh shortly, then it is highly recommended to visit the below five destinations without any miss.

  1. Pangong Lake –

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This is the main tourist attraction of Leh- Ladakh tour. Pangong Lake is the highest Brackish Lake in the world, which is situated at 14, 256 ft above the sea level. The road to Pangong Lake is very typical, so it may take more time to reach the Pangong Lake.

But once you reach the Lake, the scenic view is mesmerizing. The blue color water and the brown colored mountains will make your day for sure. It is suggested to spend some time on the Bank of Pangong Lake to rejoice the soul. If you are lucky, then you can cite the rare species of Black Necked Siberian Bird.

  1. Magnetic Hill –

This famous hill will fall on the road towards Leh. It is also known as Gravity hill, as the magnetic force in this particular area is very high. According to the experience of travelers, the magnetic force automatically pulls the vehicles uphill. Well, when you are in the land of Paradise, it is obvious to experience such magical things. The Border Roads Organizations have signaled the area with big boxes so that the tourists can enjoy the magnetic force in real.

  1. Nubra Valley –

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You can term it as a desert among those high Snowy Mountains. Yes, Nubra Valley will give you the feelings of Arabian nights with its dunes. Nubra Valley ensures you great pictures of nature, as it has got the view of Indus valley in south and Siachen Glaciers in the North. This valley is also termed as “the valley of Flowers,” as some beautiful and vibrant flowers grow in this region. The best time to visit Nubra Valley is during the autumn season.

  1. Diskit Gompa –

Apart from the scenic views, the Leh-Ladakh tour also includes some historical sites. This historical Gompa is also known as Diskit Monastery. According to reports, this monastery is the oldest and largest surviving monastery in Leh. There is a big statue of Cho Rinpoche in the monastery since the 14th century. At present, the monastery administers a school for the Tibetan children, in association with “Tibet Support Group.”

  1. Sangam Point –

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This is the point where the Zanskar and Indus River have met, thus it is termed as the point of Sangam. After meeting, the river flows towards Pakistan. Thus it is one of the mesmerizing scenes in those high mountain passes. As Zanskar is always frozen and the Indus River is warm, the meeting point seems very fascinating. Again, the atmosphere at Sangam point is very soothing.

So, when you are availing a Leh tour package, make sure these above destinations are included in the package.

5 Best Places in India for Skiing

As compared to other winter adventures, there is a great demand for skiing in India. The Himalayan ranges get snowfall all throughout the year and allure adventurers from all over India. The skiing lovers just love to slide over the snow and feel the thrilling experiences. Tourists from different parts of the world, come to the Northern states of India to experience the skiing activities. If you are looking for a perfect skiing destination to experience the thrill, check any of the below-mentioned destinations.

  • Auli, Uttrakhand –

If you ask any winter sports lover about skiing, he/she will at once recommend you for Auli. This destination is considered as the best winter sports destination in India. It is located at an altitude of 3050 m above the sea level. The most favorable time for skiing in Auli is from December to February.


In this period, the snowfall is very high in Auli. So, it is the perfect time for skiing activities. Because of perfect weather condition and ambiance, Auli hosted the first South Asian Winter Games in 2011. After that, Auli has gained good recognition at the international level and also, the highest man-made lake – Cliff Top is constructed at Auli.

  • Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir –

In India, Gulmarg is termed as the Heartland of winter sports. This particular destination is highly popular for skiing activities. In Gulmarg, there are two spots, on which skiing is being practiced – Aparwahat peaks and Kongdori. Since there is a growing popularity for skiing activities, a number of institutes are offering courses for skiing in Gulmarg.


The location of Gulmarg is so beautiful that many Bollywood movies have been shot here. Again, you will also witness the highest cable cars in Gulmarg. In order to try the skiing activities in Gulmarg, it is recommended to avail Gulmarg tour packages from reputed travel agencies only.

  • Manali, Himachal Pradesh –

Manali is known among the safest place for skiing. Manali is covered with snow-capped mountains, thus skiers from all over the world; love to enjoy the skiing activities here. Manali is the only destination in India, which has got many spots for skiing. Some popular skiing spots of Manali include Chanderkhani Pass, Deo Tibba, Rohtang pass, and Hanuman Tibba. Well, there are a number of institutes in Manali which offer training for skiing and other winter sports.


  • Kufri, Himachal Pradesh –

Kufri has situated just 20 km from Shimla. This destination is highly popular for intense forests and deep valleys. During December and January, there is a good snowfall in Kufri, and so, it is termed as the most favorable time for skiing. The tourism department of Himachal Pradesh conducts annual winter sports in Kufri every year.


  • Yumthang Valley, Sikkim –


This skiing destination is not much crowded as compared to others. So, if you are a beginner, you can go to Yumthang valley, to practice and enhance your skiing skills. It is located at an altitude of 3575 m from the sea level and thus ensures good ranges of snowfall. If you are traveling from Gangtok to Darjeeling, do make a stop at Yumthung valley for a phenomenal skiing experience.

So, these are the top skiing destinations in India, where you can effectively enjoy the skiing activities.